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Look to the sky

Outdoor Installation

As a child, we used to do a lot of camping, and I'd lie outside at night and look up at the starts. Like the antients, connecting them to form my own imaginary shapes of animals and objects.

A blanket of sparkles coming to us from places and times impossible for the human mind to imagine, that I am suprised by every time we re-visit the countryside in my native South Africa.

A stark contrast from my daily life. In modern cities stars are forgotten, hidden away by a blanket of light and smog.

Look to the Sky is a monument to these stars hidden from us by the light and busyness of the city, connecting and pointing to imaginary stars that may or may not be there.

Inspired by German abstract sculptor Norbert Krick and his Raumplastik series. Exhibited at Salone di Mobile, Milan Italy.
30m x 8m. Plastic wire, light.

Blanket of stars at night. Northern Cape, South Africa. Photo by Alex De Kock

Look to the Sky was made possible through the kind assistance of Mind The Box, a Berlin art-collective, and Process 4 Labs.

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